Trials Are the Sails of Faith

If in last weeks passage we learned that we should always trust God no matter how long the silence, this week in chapter 17 we learn that without trials it is difficult to mature our faith. After 13 more years, when Abram is 99, God is going to reveal Himself again to Abram. He will learn that God is the Almighty God, the provider God. Once again, God confirms His covenant with Abram this time through the act of circumcision. It was a step of faith and trust in God. Abram had a name change and once more learned that God can do the impossible. Both Abraham and his wife were too old to have children naturally, but they would learn that God is not the God of the possible or even the probable, but rather He is the God of the impossible. How often do we reduce God to the knowable and the possible instead of believing He can do the impossible. Abraham trusted God and acted in compliance to God’s command by having every male in his household circumcised. The question remains for us, will we continue to trust God?