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Agony Amidst the Adoration

03 25 Luke 19:41-44 On Palm Sunday we join the crowds in welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem.  He is worthy of all praise.  Yet in the middle of all the adoration that is being heaped on Jesus, there is another response.  It’s from Jesus Himself.  He is filled with agony.  As He nears Jerusalem, His heart is deeply troubled because of what He saw.  More than just the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.  He saw people who were still in the darkness of sin, people who had rejected Him as the spiritual Messiah who came to set them free from the bondage of sin.  Jesus had great compassion for the lost.  That’s why He came – to die for them.  Do we have the same compassion for the lost Jesus, so much so that we weep for them as well?