The Purpose for Christ

Visit any business, organization or charity and asked them what their purpose is and they will tell you why they are in existence. Any business must answer the fundamental question why. Why do we do what we do? Why are we here? We, you and me, have a purpose. Oh, scientists and sociologists and philosophers all try to answer that basic question. They observe and research and ponder and create theories and postulations about the why of our being, but fall short, because they have neglected the source by which that question can be answered. The Bible tells us we were created to glorify God. But if we know God, we can’t fulfill our purpose. So Jesus came. The Bible tells us His purpose. Jesus came to seek the lost. Jesus came to serve the lost. Jesus came to save the lost. Salvation puts us back into a right relationship with God so that we can fulfill our purpose of glorifying God. As we celebrate Christmas remembering the words of the angel who announced his birth to Mary, then to Joseph and then to the shepherds, the angel said this baby was to be named Jesus. He will save His people from their sins. His name, Jesus, and His title, Christ, tell us His purpose.