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A Journey of Wonder

Last week we considered a journey of worship as Jacob and his family stopped in Beersheba to offer a sacrifice in worship to God. In today’s message they continue on down to Egypt with the promise of God for his presence. Here is the recording of Jacob and Joseph finally meeting. They were to move down to Egypt so they grow into a great nation. Had they remained in Canaan, it would have been too easy to be assimilated by the surrounding people groups. Because they were shepherds, they were despised by the Egyptians who would want to keep their distance. This made it easier for them to build their nation and retain their distinctness. Our challenge as Christians is to live in the world but not be of the world. Don’t allow the world to assimilate you into the culture causing a compromise of our Biblical values. Come out and be separate, says the Lord.

(We apologize that near the end of the message our computer froze resulting in the Facebook feed being dropped. The message is in two separate links above. The conclusion to the message is in the second video.)