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God’s Payment For Us

In 2018, Christmas shoppers amassed an average credit card debt of $1,054 on top of all the other debt they may carry from mortgages to car payments to other already accumulated debt. Paying only the minimum amount required would take the cardholder until 2023 to pay off just the purchases from Christmas. Our national debt is over $23 Trillion. How can we as a nation or as individuals pay off our debt? There are some ways to do so, but it takes a lot of effort through fiscal responsibility and management. There is another debt that everyone of us owes, that we can never pay back. It is the debt of sin. The good news is that through the message found in the gospels God sent a payment for our sin in the person of Jesus born over 2,000 years ago. He came to save the lost and to be our Savior, but salvation isn’t in His birth, although His birth is essential to be our payment. The payment would be made when He died on the cross for our sin. No wonder we sing joy to the world, the Lord has come. This Christmas, do you know Jesus as your personal Savior. He came to save YOU from your sin.