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Pulling the Weeds of Doubt

If you garden, weeds are inevitable. They can choke out the plants you want to grow. So if you want a beautiful garden you need to regularly be out pulling weeds. It’s that way with faith as well. For faith to continue to grow you need to be on the look out for weeds and pull them begore they can get established. Abram’s faith is growing, but it comes with trials and doubts. Doubt is a weed that needs to constantly be pulled from the mind of faith. Abram needs some reassurance from God that His promises will come true. God gives him a visual reminder by looking up at all the stars. It says Abram believed and it was credited to him for righteousness. This is the first time faith and righteousness are seen together. Righteousness will not occur any other way than by our faith. When we believe God gives to us His righteousness. God then established with Abram a covenant that solely depended on Him. God’s promises will all come to pass. Do you believe Him?