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“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

In Genesis 9 we have the account of God’s unconditional covenant made with Noah that extended to all future generations that He would never again destroy the world by a flood.  He gave the rainbow as a symbol of that covenant, which most people today have no understanding of its meaning.  But it is God’s promise.  The remainder of the chapter is about a cloud that hung over the life of Noah as he committed an indiscretion the result of which brought a curse on his grandson, Canaan, who was very much like his father in character.  Noah shows us that it is possible for even a very godly person to yield to temptation, so always be on guard.  We will see both the blessings on Shem and Japheth as well as the curse on Canaan, throughout the remainder of Biblical history.  A point of the passage is to stand strong in the Lord.