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Water, Water Everywhere

07 29 II Peter 2:5 Peter gives yet another example regarding the fate of false teachers through the flood of Noah’s day.  The Bible teaches us about the scope of the deluge and seriousness of the depravity that resulted in such global devastation.  Had the people been obedient to God, the flood most likely would not have occurred.  Yet it did.  Scripture gives us the example of Noah, which we will consider next week, how we can navigate through all the depravity of the world.  Another example is in the life of Enoch.  We learn that he walked with God and that he pleased God.  What was it about Enoch that pleased God?  Hebrews 11:6 tells us it was his faith.  Faith helps us as we journey through a world filled with wickedness.  Just as in Noah’s day, false teachers will be judged and so will the rest of the world of those who do not have faith and seek after God.