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Feb 19, 2018

By Way of Introduction

02 18 II Peter 1:1 Peter begins his letter with a personal introduction.  By using just two terms he tells us quite a bit about himself.  He first describes that he is a servant.  Through lots of events in his life Peter had come to a point of humility identifying himself as a person wholly committed […]

Feb 14, 2018

A Rocky Road

Have you ever considered that life is essentially comprised of three types of rocks, just as in nature?  There is the rock of a stony heart, there is the rock of a surrendered heart, and there is the rock of a sinless heart.  Listen and figure out where you are on this journey we call […]

Feb 5, 2018

Final Instructions

02 04 II Peter Overview Last letters provide insight into the heart and mind of people who know that they have little time left in this life.  Peter has given to us a last letter.  He knows that his time on this earth is drawing to a close, though he doesn’t know when.  His last letter […]

Jan 29, 2018

Survival Skills for the Christian

01 28 I Peter Review In this message we close out looking at I Peter 1:15-16 as the “base camp” for the book.  In every life situation there is a call to holy living.  This is the challenge for the Christian until Christ returns – we are to be holy because He is holy.

Jan 22, 2018


01 21 I Peter 5:12-14 Finally Peter gives some final closing remarks to believers encouraging them to stand strong.  He has a faithful brother.  He leaves a final briefing with a farewell blessing.  The final word is one of peace in Christ.  Do you have His peace?

Jan 19, 2018

Amazing God – Amazing Grace

01 14 I Peter 5:10-11 Peter closes out this letter with some final words of encouragement.  God’s amazing grace is sufficient for all our times of suffering.  What ever you are going through, whenever you are going through it, His grace will keep you.  All that’s happening is only temporary, it won’t last, but we know […]

Jan 8, 2018

Stand Firm

01 07 I Peter 5:8-9 Peter’s admonition in these verses is to stand firm against the devil who is out to destroy.  We are told to resist him, being encouraged that other Christians are experiencing the same kind of persecution at his hands as we are.

(We apologize, there is no audio for this message.)

Jan 2, 2018

Trust or Trauma

12 31 I Peter 5:7 What do you worry about?  Our passage exhorts us to cast every anxiety we have onto the Lord because He cares for us.  What a great promise!  But the casting really begins in the previous verse where we are told to humble ourselves before God’s mighty hand.  We cannot cast until […]

Dec 26, 2017

Christmas Really Is A Big Deal

12 24 17 Matthew 1:21-23 Christmas really is a big deal when you consider the proclamation and the prophecy, but most significantly the promise that came with – “He will save His people from their sins.”  Looming in the shadow of the cradle is the cross, the implement by which that salvation would be possible.  God […]

Dec 18, 2017

What Are the Odds?

12 17 17 Luke 2:8-20 What are the odds that one man would be able to meet just one prophecy?  What are the odds that one man would meet just 8 Old Testament prophecies?  Using the mathematical discipline of probability, Dr. Stoner calculates that it would be 10to the 157 power or 1 followed by 157 […]