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Oct 2, 2017

A Pledge of Purpose

10 01 I Peter 3:21 To encourage his audience, Peter challenges them to stand up with an action that would show the world that they were followers of Christ.  Baptism was not only a way to show others by outward expression that an inward change had taken place, it also demonstrated a commitment to obey the commandments of […]

Sep 25, 2017

It’s a Matter of Interpretation

09 24 I Peter 3:19-20 Scholars consider this passage to be one of the most controversial in the New Testament.  Yet we can discover some truth in it that draws us to consider Christ once again.  Two compelling truths emerge.  The first is that Christ died for us to bring us to God.  There is only […]

Sep 18, 2017

Christ is Essential

09 17 I Peter 3:18 In the previous verses Peter instructs his hearers to be a good example even in suffering so that others will look at their godly character and ask them about the hope they have.  In verse 18 Peter once again lets us know who the ultimate example of suffering for doing good […]

Sep 11, 2017

Help For The Tongue-TIed

09 10 I Peter 3:15 How do we not fear what others fear and give an answer for the hope that is in us?  Peter provides an answer.  “Set apart Christ as Lord in your hearts.”  It means to give Him total control, first place in your heart.  When He is Lord of your life, you […]

Sep 5, 2017

Our Response in Suffering

09 03 I Peter 3:13-17 Peter encourages us with some wisdom on how to respond to suffering and why it’s important.  Godly character in suffering gives us a great opportunity to respond to the hope that we have when we are asked.  Can you defend your faith?

(We apologize that there is no audio for this message.)

Aug 31, 2017

Being Thoroughly Equipped

Dr. Andrew Semenchuk has been a missionary with the Slavic Gospel Association for 66 years.  He shares some brief news about what SGA is doing and his own ministry responsibilities.  He then shares from II Timothy 3:16-17 how it is we can be thoroughly equipped (prepared) through the Word of God to do good works.

Aug 21, 2017

Carrying Stretchers

From a familiar account of the men who carried the stretcher of friend to Jesus we learn from Bob Murray how it is we can become stretcher carriers.  Listen in and then find a stretcher.

Aug 21, 2017

Our Calling – Part 3

08 20 I Peter 3:12 Peter gives us one more piece of advice as part of our desire for godly living.  The key to answered prayer is in our pursuit of righteousness.  God’s ear is attuned to their prayers.  The counter to that is that His face is against those who are evil.  Would you rather […]

Aug 7, 2017

Our Calling – Part 2

08 06 I Peter 3:9-11 part 2 After noting five virtues for the Christian to practice, Peter relates how we are to apply these virtues in our relationships with others.  There are things we shouldn’t do and things we should do.  Don’t retaliate.  Don’t insult.  Instead bless those who do evil to you or insult you.

Jul 31, 2017

Our Calling

07 30 I Peter 3:8 Our Calling How we are to live with each other in community as Christians as a testimony to a watching world that is hostile to believers? Peter presents us with five virtues that generate actions demonstrating our faith in Christ.  It’s our calling as Christians.  Maybe it’s time for an attitude […]